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Direct Removal and Storage would like to ensure your moving day to be as stress-free as possible .Please find below some advice to help you before, during and after your move.


  • We have a large range of removals vehicles to suit all our customers removal needs.  Our vans are clean and maintained regularly.
  • Each van is equipped with blankets, rails and ties to secure your furniture during transportation for a safe removal.
  • Two wheel trucks and dolly trucks are also on each vehicle to help with the safe transportation of your goods.
  • We use specialised vehicles for piano moves.

Before You Move


  • Disconnect your appliances. (unless otherwise agreed with the Us). We recommend that you organise this with a plumber/service engineer.
  • Fridges & Freezers can be moved full, but manufacturers recommend they be emptied. And defrosted 48 hours prior to moving.
  • Important – Perishable food products cannot be taken into storage.
  • We recommend that a professional take down any wall mounted TVs. Any wiring that is disconnected should be clearly labelled and secured together. Be sure to keep the original stand or we may not be able to move it.

Heavy Items

  • Please identify any heavy items to your removal company prior to your removal.
  • Pianos will be moved using specialised piano trucks. Moving of safes can be arranged but may require a prior survey.

Fixtures & Fittings

  • Curtains, Blinds, fittings and fixtures should be taken down in advance of the removal team arriving at your home. If you have chosen a full packing service these items can be safely packed by our removal team.

Loft Items

  • Attics and Lofts: Due to health and safety regulations all loft and attic contents should be brought down to bedroom level in advance of your move.

Garden, Garage & Sheds

  • Motorised garden equipment should have any fuel drained prior to the  moving day.
  • Tools should be cleaned and bundled together for ease of carrying.
  • Make sure all plants that you are taking with you are ready to be moved.

Dismantling of items.

  • Unless quoted for all Fixtures, fittings, shelving, mirrors, towel rails, curtain rails, blinds, trampolines, sheds, garden swings/climbing frames etc. should be dismantled down into manageable sections prior to the move. Ensure you keep screws and fittings together and label them clearly.


  • Please see our separate Packing tips for advice on packing

Food & Perishable Items

  • Food can be transported when in a direct move, although care must be taken when packing these products
  • Perishable Food cannot be taken into our storage facility!
  • Seal bottles, jars and packets of foodstuffs so that nothing leaks or spills during transit.
  • Run-down your food cupboards as well as your fridge/freezer before moving day. Try to move as little food as possible.
  • Moving is a good opportunity to throw out any out of date food items that have been in the cupboards for years.


  • Ensure any keys that relate to your furniture and clocks are kept safe during your removal.

Personal Items.

  • Please ensure any items you do not require our staff to move are located in a specific area prior to your removal and that you inform the removal staff of these goods.
  • Ensure all documents you made need are in a safe place including passports and drivers licenses.


  • Clothes can be left hung until the day of your move. Our removals team will have transit wardrobes on the vehicle which will safely transport the clothing on the day of your move

Unwanted Items

  • Moving is a great time to have a clear-out – do you really want to keep things you never use?
  • Good quality unwanted items can be sold on eBay or Amazon.
  • Help your community – Unwanted items can also be offered to your local charity shop .
  • Use the Furniture Re-Use Network to donate unwanted furniture and appliances.
  • Hire a skip for things you don’t need any more that can’t be recycled, donated or sold on.

If you require Storage

  • Ensure all ink cartridges have been removed from printers and all batteries have been removed from remote controls and toys.
  • Washing machines should be unplumbed, drained out and dried in advance of them coming to our storage facility.
  • Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly defrosted, cleaned and dried prior to removal to store.
  • Ensure all important and personal papers such as passports and drivers licenses etc are not placed into storage.

Information for new Owners of your current home

  • Put together a box of appliance instruction leaflets & info about rubbish collections, alarm codes etc. .
  • If you have lots of keys to pass on label them to inform the new owner what they’re for.

Removal Considerations

  • If you live somewhere that requires lift access, check that there’s no scheduled lift maintenance work on the day of your move.
  • If parking at the loading or delivery address is difficult, apply for a parking suspension for the removal vehicle from your local council. (alternatively let us know and we can do this for you)
  • Inform the removal company asap of any changes to your booking, e.g. dates, quantity of items to be moved, access problems.

On Day of Move

At Current Address

Considerations for Removal Team

  • Access and parking – It is vitally important that we have the best possible access to your home on the day of your move. If you inform neighbours in advance of your move to ensure there is space for one of our removal vehicles to park outside. A good guide of how much space our removal vehicles would require would be approximately 4 car lengths.
  • Point out any hazards around the property to the removal team, e.g. Uneven paving, broken steps, fragile furniture, etc
  • Double check with the removal team/driver that they have the correct address for delivery.
  • Clearly mark or set aside any boxes that you’re taking with you in your car rather than in the moving van.

Personal Items

  • Make sure you keep all documents, valuables and cash in a safe place during the move.

Final checks

  • Prior to leaving your old home it is essential to carry out one final check to ensure all your goods are on the van. Remember to check all wardrobes, cupboards, cellar and lofts.
  • Don’t forget to lock all doors and windows when you finally leave your old property.
  • Remember to turn off the water, gas and electricity and do a final meter reading on the day of the move.

At New Address

  • When you arrive in your new property check all things that were included in the sale are there – contact your solicitor immediately if not.
  • Check that water/electricity/gas/central heating in your new property is all working as soon as you can
  • Don’t forget to read all the meters as soon as you arrive in your new home.
  • When you’re in your new home, check that any existing smoke detectors do actually work.

Final Checks

  • After we have delivered all your goods to your new home it is again essential to check that the vehicle is empty and nothing has been left on the vehicle.
  • Ensure you are satisfied with where all your furniture has been positioned before our removal team leave, We are there to help if needed.

General Tips

  • Temporary Accommodation: If you need accommodation for anyone over the moving period, book it well in advance, particularly if you’re moving during holiday time.
  • Young children: it may be better to arrange childcare on your moving day.
  • Pets: As doors and gates usually remain open during your removal we would advise all pets are taken to a boarding company or a friends/relatives house.
  • Transport: If you’re moving a long distance, make sure your car is ready for the journey. Check fuel, tyres, lights the day before you go.
  • Security: It’s a good idea to change the locks in your new property in case the previous owner forgot to collect all the keys.
  • Mobile Phones: Don’t forget to charge your mobile phone the night before the move – and check that you’ve got credit on it


Following the above guidelines will ensure that your house move is as stress free as possible.

For any queries on removal tips please contact us on 01724 331012

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